Nuke.YKT's projects
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NBlood Blood port based on EDuke32. v1.01, 04-18-2019 Windows x64 binary
Source code
Nuked OPL3 Most accurate emulation of Yamaha's OPL3(YMF262) available. 03-22-2018 Source code
Nuked OPN2 Nearly perfect and cycle-accurate emulation of Yamaha's OPN2(YM2612, YM3438). 02-01-2018 Source code
NRedneck(Rednukem) Accurate Redneck Rampage & Duke Nukem 3D port based on EDuke32. 10-28-2018 Source code
Latest binary topic
PCDoom Attempt to reconstruct Vanilla Doom's source code. 03-18-2018 Source code
Windows OPL3 drivers OPL3 MIDI drivers for Windows. 06-19-2017 VOGONS topic
datajake1999's awesome fork

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